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R & O TURBINE OIL ISO 32, 46,68, 100 Sizes

R & O TURBINE OIL ISO 32, 46,68, 100

SUPER POWER® R & O Turbine Oils are blended from solvent refined base oils with high quality additives inhibited to enhance their rust and oxidation properties. They are exceptionally well suited for use as steam turbine lubricants whose effective rust prevention and good air and water release ensures reliable efficient operation over long period of use.


  • Excellent Thermal and Oxidation stability.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • Excellent oil/water separation properties.
  • Good air release characteristics.


SUPER POWER® R & 0Turbine oils can be used for power generations steam, industrial steam turbine, Turbines air compressor and certain oil lubricated bearings.


SUPER POWER® R & O Turbine Oils meets BS 489:1983 ( ISO 32 to ISO 68) US Military MIL-L-17672D, Cincinnati Milaron P-38, P-55, P54 (ISO 32, 46, 68} respectively. DIN 51515part 1. Brown Boveri HT GD 90117E,Alsthoun Atlantique NBA P50001 General Electric GEK - 46506B, GEK 21843A. GEK - 141003H, US Steel 120 and 125 (Bench Test) GECB 207001 ( Mineral Turbine}