To Provide Quality, Reliability and Affordability
when it comes to Lubricant Solutions for all Our Customers

About Us

Our Philosophy
Super Power Lubricants started producing quality lubricants in 1998. We are the producers of high-quality lubricants and associated products for markets across the globe. We thrive to maintain our global reputation with the most reliable service to our customers. Our philosophy is underpinned by our motto, “To provide Quality, Reliability and Affordability when it comes to lubricant solutions for all our customers”. This triple bottom line approach ultimately means that our customers are at the heart of our business. 

We are known for our unwavering focus on quality. Our continued investment in R&D and infrastructure allow us to produce products that are formulated to the highest international standards and specifications. This also enables us to keep our customers up to date with the ever changing trends in the market.

For decades, we have been pioneering in cutting-edge research and development to create new and advanced technologies and better serve the ever-changing needs of our diverse customer base with an extensive range of high class products. Also with the help of our dedicated skilled workforce we are proud to be able to cater for super-fast lead times and small blend runs giving our customers the competitive advantage over competition.

Affordability: We realise that our success is dependent on the success of our customers, thus we will always endeavour to understand our customer needs and the market conditions they operate under. We firmly believe through this approach we can build a long term relationship that is built upon trust and openness- without compromising on quality.